Errors in system log RT-AX86U


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I'm seeing the following errors in the system log of my RT-AX86u. Latest firmware: I don't remember seeing them before, but I haven't been actively looking at the logs. Everything seems to be working ok.

I have Aimesh setup with main RT-AX86u and node RT-AX86u using 2.5gb ports for both.

Any idea what these mean? I tried googling but couldn't find anything.

Nov 16 14:52:33 kernel: ^[[0;33;41m[ERROR pktrunner] buildFlowKey,210: LAN flow is not supported: Rx 0, Tx 2^[[0m
Nov 16 14:52:33 kernel: ERR: rdpa_if_to_rdd_bridge_port#235: Can't map rdpa_if XXXXXXXXXX to rdd bridge port

XXXXXXXXXXX is some 10 digit number.


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If the router is working OK don't bother with looking at the log. Those errors may not mean anything...

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