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I bought several ex6100v2/ex6150v2 for fun these days.

I realy love them: IPQ4018+256MiB RAM, official openwrt supports.

On deviwiki, I saw this:

The hardware design is identical to the Netgear EX6150v2 which is AC1200. One of the 5GHz front-end modules is missing in the FCC photos so 802.11ac from the IPQ4018 is probably limited to single-stream speeds in this EX6100v2. The 5GHz FEM, FLA1, and switch IDs are taken from the EX6150v2 FCC images and assumed to be the same.

So I'm thinking, maybe ex6100v2(AC750) can be changed to ex6150v2(AC1200) with some soldering magic?


Part of the Furniture
Probably. Soldering magic (hot air station), the right part(s), plus firmware re-flash (if there is a way to do it).

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