ExpressVPN Xbox Double NAT Issue on AC86U with Latest Merlin F/W

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For the past two weeks, I've spent hours and hours scouring this site for help with what router and VPN to choose, specifically for gaming on Xbox to hopefully stop being DoSed. Today, I finally decided on ExpressVPN for its speed and low ping. However, what I had not come across and did not realize until I went to install it is that it is not one of the routers ExpressVPN officially supports. With that discovery, they weren't able to help me with my issue. The issue is once I activate the VPN, I get a "Double NAT detected" and it specifically says it's MTU related when I do the "test multiplayer connection." The ping is through the roof and I can't play online. I've spent about three hours so far looking for solutions and can find none. The closest I've found was someone posting about using PIA and setting static IP's for their two Xboxes, but it did not work for me.

Some quick background: I followed L&LD's instructions on properly flashing the Merlin firmware, factory resetting, JFFS partitioning and the others options, initializing, power cycling, more factory resets, etc. and it works great, other than some weird spots in the house where the download speed seems to drop unusually low, but nothing crazy. Both my Xbox and my nephew's Xbox have no issues with getting an Open NAT type without ExpressVPN activated. I've tried disabling NAT through the ASUS interface, disabling "Asusnat tunnel," changing my Xbox from instant-on to energy-saving, changing NAT type from Symmetric to Cone, setting DNS Configuration to Exclusive... Nothing seems to work. I also tried disabling "Create NAT on tunnel," but then it says everything must be manually set up and I can't find any information on that either, save for one post back in like 2017 where someone asked what it is and got no real answer.

Sorry if this is a mess and not properly formatted/set up. I only got two hours of sleep yesterday, worked from 10pm to 6am this morning, and have been working on this since getting home.

Please help.

I will likely fall asleep right now waiting for any replies and I have to go back to work tonight, but I will be on tonight and tomorrow morning again.

P.S. Thank you Merlin and everyone else here who regularly help people!

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