Factory Reset...now my ac86u won't PPPoE to my ISP

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I can't figure out what the problem is...
I'm following @L&LD 's M&M setup, I've re-confirmed with my ISP my login credentials...
I've done everything short of finding the reset hole in the back of the router....arrrgh!

I'd appreciate someone with admin credentials stickying at the top of the forum checklists we should follow to step around our individual brain-fart moments like I'm certain I'm having. it would definitely prevent or put out helmet fires like I'm currently having.

thanks all...cabin fever itchy-vent /end


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Something must be really funky with my bridged modem: Merlin is jumping from being connected to not being connected according to the GUI.
The light on the front of the hardware, however, is glowing a nice white colour and hasn't stopped

Some websites resolve, others not so much. and this is DoT with cloudflare. Somehow I'm fine browsing here and logging in and posting, but any other websites? Fuggedabowtit

Should I reflash the firmware?


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I am an idiot sometimes. I found the problem and fixed it: NAT! somehow, she got turned off.

The exercise in M&M-ing was invaluable, coupled with bridging my ISP router and incorporating their Native IPv6 in my network: Speedtests indicate I am now getting the speeds I pay for, if not slightly above; further, my ping has dropped by 66% or thereabouts, and consequently jitter has flattened out as well.

Streamers/gamers having problems with high ping and the network jitter associated with it should have a good long hard look at IPv6.

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