Fail to login on Web UI after upgrade to RT-AC88U_386.2_4

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New Around Here
Hello SNB forum,

I've tried upgrading my Asus RT-AC88U with the latest RT-AC88U_386.2_4.trx.
It seems everything went OK but now I'm not able to log-in to anymore. Actually the screens just gets unresponsive when I enter my credentials.
I cannot login anymore with Asus mobile app as well.
Yet, internet is fine and all devices are having access. As well I can ssh to the router with my user.
If possible I would not go with firmware reset but any hints what to do to resolve the issue? E.g. can I try to upgrade again with console access only?


Jack Yaz

Part of the Furniture
Did you just upgrade from 384? Did you read the changelogs?

Jack Yaz

Part of the Furniture
2nd note on 386.1, not that far down.

- NOTE: Some users upgrading might have to go through some
database maintenance on first boot, which means the
router might be slower or have a non-responsive webui
for a while.
This can take anywhere from 5 minutes up to an hour,
depending on your model, just give it time to complete
the process.


New Around Here
Thanks a lot @Jack Yaz ! I've read it more carefully now and have found the same Note you've pasted. And what is more important it seems reindexing have completed and I have access to the Web UI now.


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This might well take between 5 minutes and an hour, as written in the changelog, but it could be (much) longer too, as other users have reported. So be patient and everything will eventually turn back to normal.

Edit: Glad to hear you have regained access. Enjoy the upgrade.

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