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Family Settings - Question -Asus App

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Was doing a bit of searching tonight and was not really seeing the answer so I figured I could ask. I am curious if my issues are related to the fact Merlin and Asus app are not compatible, or if others are able to successfully set the family controls up on the app, even with Merlin firmware.

I understand that running the Merlin firmwares creates a ton of areas where the Asus is not compatible and Merlin has confirmed this himself.

With two small kids I was curious to try out the Family control settings within the Asus App. In reading it does not appear to be something you can do in the WebUI (add a family member, bind them to devices, etc). When I try to add a family member and set restrictions, everything looks great, until I refresh the page and realize nothing saved.

I am struggling with getting any device naming to bind and hold, they appear to save, but once refreshed, they revert back to the original.

Is this due to the fact Merlin FW and the app don't work well together, and if so, how are others running Merlin firmware creating parental controls? I am struggling to get device names to stay updated unless I am doing it at the AIMesh level and updating it there which is failing at both the app and the WebUI level. Are others struggling with this issue or is this isolated to my device?

Any help would be appreciated.
how are others running Merlin firmware creating parental controls?

First you have built in Asuswrt Web & App Filters in Parental Controls (the same for Asuswrt-Merlin), second you can use DNS Director in Asuswrt-Merlin to specific DNS filtering service globally (Router) or to specific devices. This is what Asus App is doing on stock Asuswrt, but there is no WebGUI section for it. Then from Custom Scripts options you can use Diversion or AdGuard Home with your own blocklists. Total restriction and filtering needs more work though, there are various avoidance methods.

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