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[FAQ] READ ME FIRST before posting a question

Discussion in 'Asuswrt-Merlin' started by RMerlin, Jun 10, 2018.

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  1. RMerlin

    RMerlin Super Moderator

    Apr 14, 2012
    Model support

    Q: Will you support the GT-xxxxx?
    A: No, because of infrequent GPL releases from Asus (mandatory for proper support by Asuswrt-Merlin), the amount of extra work involved in supporting specifically those GT models, and their low popularity due to their high price.

    Q: Will you support the RT-xxxxxx that was just announced?
    A: How do I know if that model isn't even on the market yet... If it's not Broadcom based, then that's a definitive "no". If it's Broadcom-based, then the answer is: "I don't know yet, wait until I can at least get one to look at it".

    Q: Will you support router XYZ from this non-Asus manufacturer?
    A: No. Asuswrt-Merlin only targets Asus-supported models, due to both technical and legal reasons.

    Q: I'm having problems with Xvortex/Koolshare on my R7000. Can you help?
    A: You are running an illegal firmware on an unsupported model. This firmware is in violation of the GPL licence, as well as several proprietary licences from Trend Micro/Tuxera and others. Contact the author of your firmware. You will not get any support here from me or the Asuswrt-Merlin community at SNBForums.

    Q: Why can't I update my (modded) TM-AC1900 firmware?
    A: Because you are running Asuswrt-Merlin on an UNSUPPORTED model, and Asus recently changed the firmware validation process to prevent such a thing. You will have to revert back to the original TM-AC1900. Beyond that, you're on your own.

    Q: Why is firmware version 384.xx not available for model XYZ? It's a supported model.
    A: Most likely because Asus hasn't updated the GPL code for that specific model, and the current GPL code I'm using for that firmware release is not compatible with the older versions of the closed source components. We have to wait for Asus to release an updated GPL for that model. Not every model is guaranteed to be supported by a specific firmware release. Don't ask for any ETA, this is completely outside of my control.

    Feature support

    Q: Can I change my router region?
    A: Unless the webui shows you a setting to do so (some regions allow it), then no, due to local legal requirements.

    Q: Will you add feature XYZ?
    A: Chances are that no, since adding new features is a very low priority for this project. Just keeping code in sync with Asus has become nearly a full-time task for this project, and the increasing amount of closed source parts makes it increasingly harder to make significant changes to the firmware.

    Q: Asus just released firmware! Will you implement it/when will you merge it?
    A: The first thing that needs to occur for me to be able to merge new code is for Asus to release the GPL code. Next, that code must be available for all models that I support, or at least still be compatible with the binary components of the previous GPL release. Until all of these requirements are met, I cannot do anything.

    Q: Will you change/fix XYZ with Adaptive QoS/Web History/IPS Protection/etc...
    A: Trend Micro's code is closed source and outside of my control.

    Q: Will you implement VLAN support at the webui?
    A: No, because of lack of documentation on how to configure the switch, and also because it would conflict with Asus's own VLAN implementation used for IPTV support.

    Q: Can I adjust transmit power?
    A: No, for both technical (the code is closed source and cannot be changed, and the SoC will enforce power level based on its internal firmware) and legal (power output and region cannot be legally changed in many regions) reasons.

    General support

    Q: I'm having wifi issues, can your firmware fix it?
    A: Wifi is closed source, therefore outside of my control. Wireless driver and code come directly from Asus's firmware.

    Q: I'm having Dual-WAN related issues. Can you fix it?
    A: Most likely not, because part of the code is closed-source, and the rest is scattered throughout hundreds of thousands of lines of code, and next to impossible to understand.

    Q: I found bug "X", can you report it to Asus?
    A: Unless it's a critical security issue, then most likely not. I don't work for Asus, and while I do cooperate with them, I don't want to become an unpaid Asus rep. Contact them directly through their support channels.

    Q: I need help with XYZ, can I contact you through PM/Email/etc...
    A: I prefer not. I don't have the time or resources to provide one-to-one support to tens of thousands of users on top of developing this firmware AND my regular daytime job. The community at SNBForums is the primary source of support.

    Q: What are the best wireless settings?
    A: Everyone's environment is different. Start by searching these forums, there's a very good chance that your particular questions have already been answered here.

    Q: I sent you a PM asking you something. Why didn't you respond?
    A: Most likely because there was nothing private in that private query that justified contacting me directly. Ask your question on the public forums instead.

    Q: I posted a message, and it got deleted. Why?
    A: It was most likely in violation of one of the forums rules. Make sure you read the sticky posts. If you have any questions, contact the site owner @thiggins as he is the primary decision maker here. Other moderators will only enforce the rules set forward by him.

    Q: I posted a message and it's awaiting moderation. Can you release it/why is it happening?
    A: Just be patient. Your post contained at least one keyword that triggered the spam filter on the forums. As soon one of the moderators logs in and sees the message waiting in the moderating queue, he will release it.

    Q: If I do a factory default reset, can I then restore my saved settings back?
    A: The reason behind doing a factory default reset is so you can start with the default settings as set by your current firmware. Restoring your saved settings will just put back the same (potentially incorrect) settings that were there before the reset. You HAVE to manually reconfigure everything afterward.

    Q: Then what can I use these saved settings for?
    A: Restoring to a known good configuration after issues appeared. Or alternating between different configurations. Or restoring settings after an accidental factory default reset. They do serve a need when used for the right reason.

    Q: How do I do XYZ?
    A: First start by looking at the official documentation. Next, try a forum search in case someone else already did it. If you still can't find anything, then go ahead and start a new post on the forums so the community can help you.

    Q: I'm having problems with my 3G/4G USB modem. Can you help/can you fix it/can you support it?
    A: I don't touch the USB modem support code since I have no way of testing anything related to that feature.


    Q: My router got hacked, language is now Korean, etc... What do I do?
    A: Restore to factory default, and this time make sure you don't open your webui to the WAN interface. Use a VPN if you need remote access to your router.

    Q: I found a security issue. How do I report it?
    A: Either in PM on this forum, or at my email address (found in the documentation). If the issue is also present in Asus's code, I will generally forward the information to them so they can also have a look at it.

    Q: Is Asuswrt-Merlin vulnerable to VPNFilter?
    A: I don't know, since security researchers themselves don't know what specific methods are used to infect devices (they vary between models).

    Q: Does your firmware call home/share any information?
    A: The only outbound call toward me that was added to Asuswrt-Merlin is a connection attempt to the firmware update server every 48 hours to check for the availability of a new firmware (or if you manually trigger it). The only information visible to the remote server is your IP address (since you are establishing a web connection). Beyond that, no information is sent, not even your router model since the version check is handled locally in your router. For further details, see the documentation.

    As for any outbound call done in Asus's own code, you will have to ask them. Large portions are closed source, so I don't have any information about these.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
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