Faster WiFi than Ethernet upload speeds

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Have a MoFi Sim7 connected to TMob tower about 7 miles away. When I use it with WiFi to my W10 computer I get faster upload speeds than with wired cat5 Ethernet. Why is this? I'm not talking super speeds here, I only get 20-50Mbps down and 3-10 upload.


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with what and how are you measuring bandwidth ?
Internet speed tests are highly variable due to the involvement of multiple nodes and congestion in the transfer path.


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Using When I'm testing the MoFi is only connected to a single W10 computer in either case. And actually when I test using my cell phone, the upload speeds are even higher. The MoFi only has 2.4GHz wifi. Actually I'm meauring the MoFi modem download/upload speeds, not the wifi speeds. In either case the router is only 10' or less from the W10 computer/cell phone. Looking in the cellphone settings the MoFi wifi reports a 72Mbps speed so that's well above my TMob modem speeds. When testing, the MoFi router is locked to B1 and 40MHz bandwidth. There are no other interfering networks that I can see. Very rural here.


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Turns out I get better and more consistent results using Ookla speedtest. I'll let this one go.

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