Fastest router for wireguard?

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I have been researching for quite a while but still cannot make a decision on which router to buy keeping in mind that the most important criteria is internet speed when connected via wireguard.
I have done a bit of reading in this forum as well and found out I could use Merlin SW on AX88U to yield 600Mbps or AC68U to yield 400Mbps, but not much information on other routers (or probably not enough research) and their capabilities. I am looking to maximize the internet speed through wireguard running on router as well as Wi-Fi coverage for multiple devices and get other possible features like 2.5Gbps port or even 10Gbps port and 2.2 Ghz CPU on RT-AX89X (which unfortunately is dual-band only).
So I have just been looking around without deciding whether I should sacrifice 10Gbps to get tri-band, or there is more potential in that 10Gbps or should I go with 1.8 Ghz CPU on AX88U or 2.2 Ghz CPU on RT-AX89X.
Anyhow, maybe there are any other look worthy routers which would partially or fully tick the above mentioned checkmarks?

PS. Currently I am running an old Asus router with Wireguard installed on openwrt with 1Gbps ISP connection which only leaves me limited at around 50MBps.


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The most bang for your bucks today is easily the RT-AX86U. Lowest latency router with processor specs identical or similar to other models but with a 2.5GbE Port too for further performance boost in certain cases.

I would be curious if anyone with this model using WG and the 2.5GbE port as the WAN is seeing any performance improvements?

The 2.2GHz processors are something I would like, but the 10GbE Port is very selective of what you connect it to on the RT-AX89X.

Tri-band (or how I read it; tri-radio, when it is not) is a gimmick on all current routers today.

I am hoping/waiting for 12 antennae, 12 streams, simultaneously Tri-Radio Wi-Fi 6E router available this summer or fall that gives everything 'triband' offers but fails at so hard today.

Can you wait till then? Or is the RT-AX86U enough router at the lowest price for you today? :)

And make sure you buy anything you're considering 'on sale'. Buying at regular prices just doesn't make sense for years now.

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