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Favorite: Netgear ReadyNAS Duo

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I've been using this for six months at home, ever since my single drive NAS bit the dust. Its a great unit, although I only make use of a fraction of it's capabilities, primarily as networked file service used for automated backup and shared files (mixed MAC OS and Windows XP users).

Pros: Very simple setup. I dropped in a second drive to get redundancy and the unit did the rest. Ditto for putting it on a UPS; just plugged in thte USB cable and it took over. Its been very reliable, not a single minute of downtime. Supports all the clients well. It email out reports anytime there is a problem (basically, never for me).

Cons: Not much to complain about. MAC users are not using TimeMachine as setup is somewhat complicated with this NAS. A pending software update from Netgear reportedly improves that and I will update this thread when I've tested it out.

In summary, it cost me less than $500 with dual 750gb drives and it works perfectly with no effort by me. That's what I needed, peace of mind that my data was backed up.
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ReadyNAS and AD?

I noticed that you mentioned WindowsXP users there.

Is the ReadyNAS integrated into the AD or using some other kind of shares / security?

the duo can not be integrated into AD (other readynas models can). its using user authentication. basically the same as non-domain windows xp.
+ 1 : Netgear ReadyNAS Duo

+ 1 for the ReadyNAS Duo

I paid about £140 for my Duo, it came with two 500Gb drives from Netgear as part of a promotion (small error on their part sending my two drives, should have only been one).

I followed the instructions and it all worked like clockwork. I moved all of our digital life onto it and it has just worked. We have had been using it about 10 months or so now and have no complaints.

We are not using all the functionality, but I plan to change that over the next few months. Currently we are using it as digital storage and for that it works well, both Mac and Windows clients have no access issues.

The only issue we have had, wasn't really an issue. I bought two WD20EARS 2Tb drives to slot into the Duo, as they were listed on the Hard drvie Compatibilty sheet at Netgear. Only to find out that it was a very specific release of the drive that was compatible. The only resolution wsa to install a beta OS for the Duo, which I didn't want to do.

With the official release of Raidiator 4.1.7 this has all been resolved, successfully - I might add. We now have a 2Tb network storage, which is very quiet and extremely good value.

Some reviews, state the Pros and Cons and then leave you wondering if they would actually recommend the item in question.

I would recommend the ReadyNAS Duo without hesitation, even for advanced home use.
  • The ReadyNAS Duo is more than capable, with an impressive array of features.
  • Well supported by the manufacturer (IMO).
  • Has an involved User community.
  • Represents excellent value for money.
  • Has a small footprint, with quite understated looks.
  • Will work well (24/7 so far), with minimal, or no effort from me.
Whilst it is no substitute for a backup, it does provide peace of mind and an easy to administer central storage pool for our digital home life.

I hope this helps.


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