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Feasibility question - connecting modem/router and a router

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New Around Here

I hope this is a proper place for this qustion:

I have a modem router provided by my ISP (ubee tvw625 - lets call it router A) with fixed IP from providers side. The routers firmware does not support change of DNS1 and DNS2, neither is Staitc IP routing supported.

I want to access streaming services with certain DNS1 and DNS2 from my smart TVs, but still be able to use ISPs DNS adresses for my regular surfing.

My idea is to connect second router (Linksys E1200 - lets call it router B) for that.


Router A will have an address and allow WLAN and DHCP with normal ISP DNS (let call it browsing lan)
Router B will have an address and will be connecter to Router A via LAN cable (Port4 to port4). I would insert the DNS1 and DNS2 and Static routing informations onto RouterB and call it streaming lan

Will then I theoretically be able to access DNS1 and DNS2 via streaming lan from my smart tv?

Does my question make any sense? Might be, that, due to lack of my english knowledge, I asked-described it the wrong way.


"Static IP" is giving a device an IP directly in its interface, i.e. it really has nothing to do with anything other than that device, including nothing to do with any routers.

"Static routing" is giving a fixed, manually-configured route between networks on a router. It is typically used by professional network administrators, not residential users, because the networks would normally be ones the router does not already know about.

If you are able to give your smart TVs their IP and DNS information directly, then you can solve your problem with no additional router. Just put static IPs and DNS server IPs into the smart TV devices directly. Try to make sure the static IPs are outside the range of the DHCP server on your router, but within the same network (and the IPs should not end in .0 or .255).

Alternatively, if you ideally want to use the non-ISP DNS for everything, then put your ISP modem-router into "bridge mode" or add your second router to its "DMZ", then you can just your second router as the main router. There are many good reasons to not use an ISP's equipment, especially modem-routers.
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Thank you for your answer. My TV used to work with manual dns and ip inserted. But since the Netflix app was updated, it uses in app hardcod google DNS and so it can check if I am using a proxy.
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