[Feature Request] View the System Log - Wireless Log for devices connected to an Aimesh Node?

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I was wondering if there is any way to view the wireless log (displaying the signal strength and transmission and receive data rate) for devices that are connected to the Aimesh nodes? It seems that the only devices shown on the wireless log are devices that are directly connected to the main router and not devices connected directly to the Aimesh node. Not sure if the wireless log feature is proprietary and you are unable to access/configure it but hopefully there is a way?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Currently using ASUS-WRT Merlin 384.13
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Anyone know a way? I'm guessing not since I tried to explore around in the router but didn't see it unfortunately.

If this is not implemented (I guess it isn't implemented for ASUSWRT standard as well), how difficult would it be to implement being able to see some wireless statistics on clients connected to an Aimesh node?


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Everything related to AiMesh is closed source.


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At network map, if you click on Clients sphere and then go to wireless tab, you have there all wireless stations no matter the node they come from. If you put mouse pointer on the signal level icon at the right of IP/MAC fields, a popup will show you the signal level, Tx, Rx and last time of the connection.


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Thanks for the responses.

That is one way to see some extra information but I was hoping to see more of wireless signal strength rather than the transmit/receive data rate.


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Hi @Rocketboy235 I understand. but just to be clear, additionally to the date you are listing (transmit/receive data rate) you get there a text string about the signal strength (very strong, strong, good, ... )

you can also download a list of devices from view list button and load it in Excel, although there is no wireless strength data in this case.

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