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File sync vs file backup

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Hi all I am looking into getting a NAS and I had a few questions. Everyone talks about buying a NAS as a centralized storage point for all the media for all the computer in the house. My question is what about laptops where you want to have the media on the computer when you aren't on the network? I like the idea of a centralized backup location for all the household computers and as a media server but what about when I take my laptop on the go? Is there a way to have the laptops sync with a NAS? This way it always has all the media files from the NAS instead of when on the network? I am new to NAS and networking/servers so bare with me. Thanks in advance.


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Sure you can sync shares between the NAS and your laptop. IMO, the best way to sync is to use Syncback.


There's plenty of other good apps, I just like Syncback because it works well, can be very granular if you need it to be, can be installed on up to 5 PC's that you own (single license), free upgrades, etc...

Also look at Microsoft's free Synctoy, Goodsync, Superflexible File Sync.

GFI Backup Free also has sync capability that may work in this application.
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