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I'm looking for a server/software application that can automate file transfers over every protocol (FTP/FTPS/SFTP/WebDav, so on). It also has to be able to handle key based PGP files, and many many transfers on a schedule. The aplication should be able to run on a windows OS (Server or Desktop, whichever will work).

We're looking for something to replace the current mess of windows batch files, as they aren't relyable, nor fool proof, and overly complicated to set up.

Anyone have any ideas? Price isn't so much of a big deal, so long as it works. We're looking for something that is easy to set up, make changes, add, remove, and test with.

It needs to be able to move files from a share, rename the file to a specific convention, zip(or PGP), then transfer the files offsite. It will also need to be able to connect, sarch for specificly named files in locations, download, unpack, archive, then rename and place for processing.

E-mail error reporting is a must, our current batch files run on a perl sendmail function (most of the time.. atleast) which then sends e-mails out stating genericly that files didn't get sent.

We've been looking for a good enterprise solution for a while, however lack of time is starting to catch up to us, now with seven more transfers in the works, maualy transfering them is out of the question for any more.

We have tried Automize, however it was still lacking in a lot of ways, it also wasn't quite as good as we would have liked

Thanks in advance!

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