Finally wired my house, now looking for equipment...

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Quite basic home network: 2 PC, 2 laptops, several smartphonesf, few tablets, few TVs etc House is wired with cat 6 - 13 lines meeting in a basement with ISPs ONT in a rack. ISP gives 900 mbps down and 280 up.
Amateur wifi survey indicates that I'll need 3 APs to cover 3 storeys, brick and concrete house with 5 GHz.

I have thought to use following:
Router: Edgerouter 4 instead of ONT
APs: 1 x AC LR + 2 x Flex HD
Switch: Cisco SG 250(X) or 350(X)... and that is where my questions come after this long introduction:
1. Will SG350X give me any advantage over SG250X in such a simple network?
2. Can 10G ports on SGs be used to connect (future) NAS or are they for stacking/upling only?
3. Would it be reasonable to use separate switch for APs (SG250/350 - 10P) and separate for non PoE part?


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Yes you can use the 10 gig ports for your NAS. If you have a lot of power users then it will help. You can also connect your workstation to a 10 gig port for really fast response if you are using wire.

I have not used a Cisco SG250x switch but it will work. I would buy which ever one you get the best price on.

I only separate my Cisco APs in a separate switch because the fans are real noisy in a 24 port POE+ Cisco switch. So I run a Cisco SG300-10MPP switch to power my Cisco WAP581 wireless APs. If it is off in a rack somewhere this may not be a problem for you. It is more expensive my way. You do get more overall power with a 24 port POE+ switch than the smaller switches. I don't know what your power requirements are? Cisco publishes for each POE+ switch power avaible.

If you are only going to run layer 2 in your Cisco switch then you might want to take a look at using a Cisco RV345P router and 2 Cisco WAP581 wireless APs. The RV345P will give you 8 ports of POE+ and 16 gig ports, no 10 gig. It will be a lot cheaper. Here is a link for the RV345P.

I like layer 3 switches and using them.


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It was you, posting in another thread who made me look into SMB Cisco for home..
I wonder what advantages running layer 3 would give me at home ?
I will have a look into RV-345.
Can it route 900/280?


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Make sure you look at the RV345P not the RV345 as the "P" gives you power over ethernet POE+ to run the wireless like the Cisco WAP581 wireless APs all contained in a small package. To run your house you only need 3 devices with this setup. If you want to add another AP just buy another Cisco WAP581 AP and plug it into a POE port on the Cisco RV345P and you are done hardware wise. Run the single point wizard and all 3 Cisco WAP581 APs will be working as 1 virtual wireless AP.

Yes it is a gig router.

Layer 3 switch is a step up in switching technology. Using multiple networked VLANs it allows the switch to handle the load and not bother the router. If you are going to just run layer 2 and not use layer 3 then I can see no reason not to start with the RV345P. If you out grow the ports just add another switch.

I run a Cisco RV340 router same router as the RV345, RV345P with less ports and no POE+. I also run 2 Cisco WAP581 wireless APs for wireless. I run 3 Cisco switches. My main layer 3 switch is a Cisco SG300-28 switch which I have bought a replacement Cisco SG350X-24 switch but not changed it out yet. I also run a Cisco SG200-8 switch at my entertainment center. I run a Cisco SG300-10 MPP switch for my POE+ power to run my wireless APs as this switch does not have any fans. I plan to add cameras at some point.

I like layer 3 and I have been using it for close to 30 years. I can see nothing wrong with running layer 3 switching.


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@coxhaus, did you happen to post a description of your setup of the SG350X switch? I know you reference a posting in another thread but I cannot seem to find it.

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