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Firewall - Inbound Firewall Rules - How to block all traffic from specific remote IP ?

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New Around Here

I haven't been able to find information on how to enter Local IP and Port Range in the firewall inbound rules. Those fields cannot be left empty. I want to block all traffic from a specific remote IP.

Surely this must be possible?
All unsolicited inbound traffic is dropped by default. The "inbound firewall rules" are only used to enable unsolicited access to IPv6 clients.
Thanks. So it seems my idea of a firewall has become outdated.

Let's say I have some service on a PC / IPv4, that I want to restrict access to on a blacklist basis (i.e. knowing the hostile remote IPs), is there no way to do that on asuswrt?
When you setup your port forwarding rule you have the option to specify the source address, effectively a whitelist. There's no option there to do the opposite, a blacklist. I suppose you could get creative and craft multiple rules that "mask out" the offending IP address range.

Alternatively, have a look at the Network Services Filter. It's primarily aimed at LAN to WAN traffic but it does allow blacklists. I don't know how it interacts with the port forwarding rules or which set has priority over the other. You'll have to test it.

What router model do you have? Another option might be to install Merlin's third party firmware. This would allow you to script custom firewall rules.

EDIT: Thinking about it.. it's probably a lot simpler to block the IP address on the PC's firewall.
Thanks again. I was aware of third party firmwares, but I think for this it would be a bit overkill to go that route. So firewall on PC it shall be, for now at least.

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