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Firewall settings/rules to stop/prevent TCP/IP stack fingerprinting

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lindsay alberta

New Around Here
Hey guys

I am in now way an expert in this subject, but I have some questions. I want to harden my home network. Right now I have 2 routers. The first is an asus RT-AC3100 running the latest merlin build. From that router I have an asus RT AC-56U running tomato shibby latest build with my VPN set up on the router. I use this router when I want to use a VPN.

My question is I want to set up firewall scripts on one of the routers and close all ports that I am not using. I am running mac os x on a macbook pro, and also have a PC desktop here that I built. I want to stop/prevent/spoof being able to be TCP/IP stack fingerprinted, and from the reading I have done, It says to close all uncessary ports.

I just want my network to be super secure at whatever cost. Would buying a raspberry pi3 or a 3rd router for just a firewall help? I heard using 3 routers you can make a really secure network somehow. I am so sorry for my complete lack of knowledge on this subject. If anyone can tell me how I can use firewall scripts or iptables to help me super harden my network I would really appreciate it. Just bare with me I am no expert but I am a fast learner.

I could even pay a small fee if someone was able to help me get this accomplished. Let me know


P.S. also I read somewhere about preventing incoming at a NAT level?

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