Firmware 386.4 RT-AX88U seems to have some crash detailed in the logs which disrupts all wireless activity


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Since updating to 386.4, the AX88U suffers repeated wireless disconnects. This behavior of wireless connections hanging/disconnecting is new and never manifested previously. The router is being used in access point mode. There is one device connected by wire( Apple-TV 4K ), other devices connect wirelessly. I have attached the system log with info level logging, which shows the issue. I have another AX88U elsewhere which is not suffering with this sort of problem.

Here is a snippet from the log, where the date of May 5th is also attributed to the bug.

May 5 01:05:03 kernel: proc_dostring_crashlogsave: crash log filename is /jffs/crashlog.log
May 5 01:05:03 kernel: crashFileSet: log signature invalid !
May 5 01:05:03 kernel: ret 0 retlen 65536 buff <3>hub 1-0:1.0: config failed, hub doesn't have any ports! (err -19)
May 5 01:05:03 kernel: ^[[0;33;41m[ERROR pktrunner] runnerUcast_inet6addr_event,187: Could not rdpa_system_ipv6_host_address_table_find ret=-5^[[0m
May 5 01:05:03 kernel: port_generic_open 536 skip turnning on power on eth0 here
May 5 01:05:03 kernel: IGMP Query send failed
May 5 01:05:04 kernel: IGMP Query send failed
May 5 01:05:04 kernel: eth5 (Ext switch port: 7) (Logical Port: 15) (phyId: 1e) Link UP at 1000 mbps full duplex
May 5 01:05:04 kernel: <=== Deactivate Deep Green Mode
May 5 01:05:05 avahi-daemon[1213]: WARNING: No NSS support for mDNS detected, consider installing nss-mdns!
May 5 01:05:06 Mastiff: init
May 5 01:05:06 wsdd2[1629]: error: wsdd-mcast-v4: wsd_send_soap_msg: send
May 5 01:05:06 kernel: eth3 (Ext switch port: 2) (Logical Port: 10) (phyId: a) Link UP at 1000 mbps full duplex
May 5 01:05:06 lldpd[1700]: cannot get ethtool link information with GLINKSETTINGS (requires 4.9+): Operation not permitted
May 5 01:05:09 kernel: tfat: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel.
May 5 01:05:12 kernel: eth0 (Int switch port: 3) (Logical Port: 3) (phyId: c) Link UP at 1000 mbps full duplex
May 5 01:05:35 wsdd2[1629]: error: wsdd-mcast-v4: wsd_send_soap_msg: send
May 5 01:05:39 wsdd2[1629]: Terminated received.
Jan 23 00:55:34 crond[1372]: time disparity of 1957010 minutes detected
Jan 23 00:56:03 kernel: bcm_i2c: bus 0: Failed to detect SFP: 100 retries exhausted
Jan 23 21:27:27 kernel: klogd started: BusyBox v1.25.1 (2022-01-01 13:43:18 EST)


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Unfortunately there's nothing in the log to indicate the cause of the problem. There is no sign of a crash having occurred. It's as if the power was turned off and then on again.

Check for loose power cables.


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Or try to test with a new power supply (and/or UPS).


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I will verify the power supply as suggested but don't feel that it is fully responsible here since the wired port was fully functional when the wireless devices couldn't communicate. Will also set the logging level more verbose.


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It may only need -0.1 V (or less) than is needed for a component to fail, even if other components are more forgiving (like the wired ports).

Do you have a UPS running the router? Are power issues a problem in your area? (Not just power outages, but brownouts and surges too).


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The router and related nearby equipment are plugged into a power bar that absorbs surges. My main rack has battery backup with a power conditioner. I will verify this and use another UPS as well. Again, this only began with the latest firmware update, which may be misleading. I will put the logging level to more verbose and see if anything more shows. Then will add another UPS for power consistency. If it still occurs, will downgrade firmware and check again.


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If you've never 'always' used a quality UPS, then the damage may already be done. Brownouts are probably worse for electronics than surges.

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