firmware update via usb stick anecdote

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I wasn’t going to post this since in hindsight it seems so obviously stupid and trivial. But. From time to time I see other newbies, like myself, floundering, like myself, and I thought that maybe if we shared stupidities it might help avoid repeating and propagating them. (Speaking for myself, it also helps me stay humble.:)) So:

I think I may have found a new (to me, anyway) way to foul up. Maybe even nearly catastrophic, I dunno.

My new ax86u arrived a while ago. I figured I would set it up off-line first and, of course, no way it would #ever# run without Merlin’s firmware. I connected it to a laptop that had no wan connection but I had a copy of the right firmware, on another machine, which I carefully copied to a stick. I stuck the stick into the laptop and hit the go button.

Well, that expensive router just sat there furiously blinking its leds. The gui never did get to the “updating firmware” dialog. Six hours or maybe more later, I gave up and punched the big red button. But the router refused to reboot. Several times. After trying several different things. Panic set in and I figured I had just presented myself with a brand new brick. I turned it off and walked away.

The happy ending is that after sitting power off for a day or so, the router took the firmware upgrade (from the laptop's hard drive) as slick as a whistle and I avoided the necessity of inventing an explanation for yet another 1d10t error.

My unceasing quest to become the best idiot in my little corner of the world is progressing well.

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