Firmware upgrade on mesh nodes

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New Around Here
I have updated the RT-AC86 with the latest firmware; I have two nodes one RT-AC66 B1 and RT-AC68 which have firmware

The nodes are supposed to show up in the main router web interface:

But as you can see, no nodes shows up in the firmware upgrade page. The nodes are visible in the main page and working properly. How can I upgrade them? By trying to connect to them by typing in their IP just put me back to the main router again.

Please suggest a solution.

Mr Tvardovsky

Regular Contributor
I would try the following steps and check after each of them if it helped:
1) Reboot the main router (first from GUI and then by turning off power)
2) Reboot the nodes (the same)
3) Disconnect and reconnect the nodes
4) Factory reset and reconnect the nodes
5) Factory reset of the main router

Good luck :)

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