First odd issue with slower speed on AX-86U, after newest firmware update?!

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I downloaded the newest firmware update for AX-86U and for some reason my wifi speed is now stuck around 240-260 megs down. I have a gig line, and know I was hitting 680-725 on one of my wifi 6 chromebook, other chromebooks were hitting 480-580. My phones were anywhere from 550-625 historically on tests. I even did a hard reset with the restore after I noticed it, and still the same thing. May not be a fix until next firmware, but thought I'd ask.

I have checked for any interference, and the standard checks when issues like this happen. I be stumped.


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What phones are you using for testing ?


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No problems here with Current Version :

If you are using 160 MHz double check that you have a fixed channel and bandwidth set. I use channel 36 at 160 MHz. Depending upon where you live it will take at least three minutes after WIFI settings change or reboot for the 5 GHz to check for RADAR.


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For now Ive had it locked to 80mhz, manual channel locked at least interfered channel. Got a couple pixel 4XLs and a 4a., but use other hardware as well for testing. So odd, it just stays at that window whether Im 10 feet away or 35 feet from router. My hardwired equipment is smoking fast so not sure outside of the firmware update

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