Solved FIX for Intermittent WiFi disconnect on PC

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noah way

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Maybe this is old news ...

I've been battling random disconnects at the repeater for some time.

Several times in a row a large backup download to a WIN 10 pc failed when the WiFi disconnected. After searching I came up with the reason: the energy saver in network settings (via device manager).

After turning this off I was able to complete the download. I suspect that this "feature" was causing irregular disconnects, which automatically came back on after a couple of minutes.

I hope this helps someone troubleshooting disconnects.

Thank you microsoft. Again. The gift that keeps on giving ...


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Go into Device Manager and update the network adapter. Another quirky thing that I've found causes some issues for people, in device manager, right click your network adapter, click properties, go to Power Management and uncheck the option that says, "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power." Of course scan for any windows and other driver updates.

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noah way

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I don't know how to change the thread title but the intermittent disconnect problem was resolved by flashing an old stock Asus firmware on the repeater. The primary router is running the latest Merlin.

After a dirty flash with, there are no more drops.

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