Solved Fixed the disconnected status on RT-AC68U

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Fix asus RT-AC68U showing "disconnected" status on the network map landing page. *edit: when changing the settings in the Administration > System, it would not let me change the settings, it would ask every "This account already exists. Please enter a different name." and rn I cbf resetting or flashing.
nvram show
nvram show | grep find-the-command
you can right click inspect in the router interface to see what command is being changed and refresh to see if its updated
Screenshot 2021-04-08 162126.png

In my case I did the following
nvram set dns_probe=1
nvram set dns_probe_host=
nvram set dns_probe_content=
nvram set wandog_enable=1
nvram set wandog_target=
it should now show as connected everytime, and send hopefully less requests (as it was spamming in my pihole)
Screenshot 2021-04-08 162259.png

Screenshot 2021-04-08 162451.png

that was the default old value but i think it was set to this but the ip was set to, also Network Monitoring was disabled but it kept spamming that ip.
could be from flashing stock to asus-merlin and back, including the latest beta which i thought was the issue initially so i flashed to stock. can't remember where or which firmware this started to occur
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