flashing a new router?

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JT Strickland

Senior Member
Do I need to go through setting up the networks in order to flash Merlin to a new AX router and Aimesh node? If so, do I need to reset to factory default after flashing, since it is already at factory default, and repeat setup?
These are no doubt simple questions, but I am having trouble getting my thoughts around the procedures for a new router. My prep and thinking has been geared toward used.
thanks for any help,


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If switching from ASUS firmware to Merlin I highly recommend you do a factory reset! I typically use the GUI unless chasing a strange behavior.

After the first reset, flash to Merlin, and then do another factory reset and proceed. I wait about 5 minutes or so between each step but that's my routine. Some say it not required but it's just a habit and I do it with most every type of device. I also remove power for a few minutes after the wait to let everything discharge but again, that's just my habit! OH, disconnect everything like LAN/WAN and USB before beginning!

John Fitzgerald

Senior Member
In addition to post #2: if the stock firmware is 384 based, then after flashing to Merlin 386 code base and GUI factory reset, just put in the basics and let it settle for a couple of hours before proceeding with your other personalized settings.
The code base switch maintenance is not quick. I had to let mine go overnight.

Reboot router after it has settled before advancing.

Also, reboot modem.
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BNIB routers? Assuming they come with v386 of the Asus stock firmware, flash Merlin to them and then config. doesn't get any cleaner than that.

IIRC, you already have a functioning network, so just DL the appropriate firmware for the new ones and flash away without connecting them to the modem. Once you've done that, de-commission the existing hardware and put the new machines in their place(s), and re-config for the ISP and then Mesh plus scripts. ntp, cake, skynet, unbound is the order I'd do it in, but it probably doesn't matter all that much

JT Strickland

Senior Member
Thanks, folks, I should have said they are both RT-AX86U's.
I don't know why I had such a brain fart with that. I had "trained" for used.

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