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I have been trying out FlexQoS and it works great for the most part, but I've noticed a couple of things.
I am on 50/10 speeds.

1. All wired devices abide by the QoS rules I have in place, except the wireless devices. They are completely unaffected by the QoS rules.. why is that?
When I go to speedtest.net on my iphone, I still get full speeds instead of the the speed I have assigned... this doesn't happen to wired devices.

2. Gaming is also unaffected, but I think I may know why, but need confirmation.....
All devices connected to the router are using OpenVpn.

When the game has an update, it completely bogs down the internet for everyone, even though QoS is in place. I have tried lowering the bandwidth to almost nothing and it still hogs the bandwidth.
The game launcher has a bandwidth limiter option in the settings and if I enable it, then the issue is gone.

So my question is, why does it abide by it's own launcher QoS rules, but ignores the router's?
Is it because the launcher has a built-in VPN which bypasses the router's QoS?

When I go to the game settings under network info, I see this which shows an internal IP of which is not mine... that's why I am thinking it has its own VPN.
But, I am a bit confused because all my devices are connecting using a VPN, but they still abide by the QoS rules.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?

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If I change it to Bandwidth Limiter or Traditional then my iphone does abide by the QoS.
Does this mean QoS doesn't work for wireless devices unless I use those two options?
Well, Adaptive QoS sees VPN as one single category traffic. What you expect it to prioritize?
But why do wired devices which are all using a VPN, all abide by the QoS rule.
If I set Adaptive QoS and set it to manual like the instructions in Github says...

  1. Enable QoS in the router's GUI.
  2. Set QoS Type to Adaptive QoS
  3. Set Bandwidth Setting to Manual Setting
  4. Set your Upload Bandwidth in Mb/s to 85-95% of your worst speedtest results without QoS enabled
  5. Set your Download Bandwidth in Mb/s to 85-95% of your worst speedtest results without QoS enabled
  6. Set your QoS priority mode to one of the predefined modes or choose Customize and set your own. If you customize, it is recommended that you keep Learn-From-Home at the bottom of the priority list.
  7. Hit Apply.
When I set it this way, wireless devices completely ignore QoS rules...while wired devices work fine.
I don't know why it happens, but my suspicion is Adaptive QoS in your case is doing nothing more than Bandwidth Limiter. At least trying to with all the NAT acceleration hacks applied on top. Not sure why all your traffic goes through VPN. This only limits your options, speed and increases latency.
When it comes to gaming.. even when I am not using a VPN to play.. QoS does not affect the game at all and it will use all the bandwidth it wants, no matter the QoS setting.
As pointed out before, the game launcher only abides by its own bandwidth limiter. If i don't enable this, every time the game updates, the entire network slows down.

I can't tell why it's bypassing the router's QoS settings.

could it be due to the game has it's own vpn within the launcher and it's why it shows a different internal IP
mine is 192.168.x.x
I'm also just confused as to why wired devices work fine with QoS, but not the wireless devices when using Adaptive QoS.
I've been reading other posts, but I haven't found a solution if there is one.

I went back to using Cake and it works as intended.. even the wireless devices work with the speeds assigned.
The only thing that doesn't work no matter what, is limiting the bandwidth of the game via the router.

What I mean is, if I do a speedtest on this computer, it will reflect the speeds I set it in QoS...but, it has no effect when updating the game.
It's not a big deal as I can just enable the limit in the game, but I just wanted to know why the game ignores QoS.
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I would expect Adaptive QoS to ignore Wireless Guest Network #1 (bridges br1 and br2), but not the main wireless that’s part of the br0 bridge.
I found after installing FlexQos, It broke my VPN connection to connect to router from outside of network. Tried rebooting the router, restarting the service.. nothing worked, until I removed FlexQos.
Not sure if anyone else experienced this.

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