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For Sale: Cambium PTP 900MHz set

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I have a previously installed set of Cambium PTP 900MHz connectorized radios for sale. They are attached to 900MHz airMAX Yagi antennae, with a claimed gain of 16dBi. I should have more of the equipment, like the Power over Ethernet injectors and some cabling.

I purchased these during the pandemic, in a frenzy trying to get internet 1/4mi thru the woods via an L2 Transparent Wireless Bridge so my kid could "go" to school. Although I could get it to broadcast locally, and part way thru the forest, I could never get it to establish a link thru 30yo overplanted Doug Fir. Some reasons for this that I can share if interested.

These are designed for partially obstructed paths. You accept lower bandwidth in order to get a link where higher frequencies fail. Cambium claims a 130Mbps max (on the 20MHz channel). They are also not designed for the consumer; there's a learning curve to understanding how to set them up. But they were my first set of antenna so I'd say they are ok for motivated consumers with a little tech savvy.

I originally paid Streakwave a little over $1,200 for them. I used one of the NID (ESD protection/grounding point) for a satellite antenna; but they are easily sourced. I can post pictures of the equipment if anyone is interested. Make me an offer, David


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