For Sale: SuperMicro AMD and Intel Quad LAN SoCs

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I have 2 SuperMicro SoCs that were in a Firewall and NAS that I wish to get off my hands, both have been in use for less than a year and are in working condition with no issues and on the latest Bioses and IPMI firmwares. Both have been pretty good for ESXi use with multiple VMs, in my case for FreeNAS, pFsense and other OS containers. I only intend to sell within the US.

Intel Xeon D-1541 CPU+Board (X10SDV-TLN4F) (Passive Heatsink Version) ($460 inclusive of shipping)
Intel 8 Core/16 Thread CPU with 2x 10 Gbe LAN (Intel X550 via SoC) Ports and 2x 1 Gbe LAN Ports (Intel i350), 1 IPMI LAN Port

Full Features:
I have an email receipt for the 5018D SuperMicro System that this is from but I doubt SuperMicro will honor warranty for the motherboard alone.

AMD EPYC 3251 CPU+Board (M11SDV-8C-LN4F) (Passive Heatsink Version) ($500 inclusive of shipping)
AMD EPYC-3251 8 Core/16 Thread CPU with 4x 1 Gbe LAN Ports (Intel i350), 1 IPMI LAN Port

Full Features:
This board was bought in April 2020 and I do have the email receipt for warranty purposes if needed. It should have ~4 months warranty left.

No warranty (on the D-1541 board as it's pulled from a SuperMicro 5018D 1U Server) or refunds.

Payment type accepted: Venmo or PayPal

Location: Minnesota

Shipping: UPS Ground

EDIT: The Xeon D-1541 Board has been sold.
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