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Force 2.4 GHz for backhaul?

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Is there no way to force 2.4 GHz for (one) backhaul?

Before the AXE 16000 I had my AX88U as the main node and an AC2900 as satellite in another building (a garage) about 30 meters away (as well as several other nodes). Now the AXE 16000 is the main node, the AX88U is now in the garage and the AC2900 is in a small third building (replacing an old AC68U). Both use an outdoor TP-Link antenna.

In the old setup I almost certain that the backhaul to these nodes switched between 2.4 and 5 GHz depenind on (weather) conditions.

But now with the AXE 16000 the only option is 5 GHz and the issue here is that this is a bit unstable. Rain, snow and a wet ground seems to cause some disconnects. Given the use case 2.4 GHz would be just fine if I only could select it.

Could it be the 160 MHz channels that cause this? I could of course disable that but since the AXE 16000 is the only node with two 5 GHz radios it would affect all 5 GHz devices. Maybe I ought to get another node that has two 5 GHz radios so I could use the second 5 GHz radio for backhaul with more "safe" settings?


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....and all of a sudden an updated version of 388 was available for the AX88U and now things do seem to be stable again :)

( for the AX88U works fine with for AXE16000 - the latter as the main node.)

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