Release [Fork] Asuswrt-Merlin 374 LTS release 50E8

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21 July 2021
Merlin fork 374.43_50E8j9527

Update-50E8 Highlights
  • Updated wireless drives for FRAGATTACK on AC68U
  • Updated OpenVPN to 2.5.3
  • Updated NANO to 5.7
  • Updated CURL to 7.76.1
  • Improvements in AVAHI configuration for ARM routers, including IPv6 support
  • Added option to advertise SMB shares via AVAHI on ARM routers
    AVAHI share information can be seen by Linux and iOS, but is not supported by Windows
    Option under Network Place(Samba) Share / Cloud Disk settings
    AVAHI must also be active under LAN > DHCP Server
  • Added syslog entries for reboot and wireless scheduler events
  • Improvements in process shutdown during reboot
  • Changed reboot scheduler to use SIGTERM processing vs Linux reboot
    The reboot from reboot scheduler will now be almost exactly the same as a user reboot
  • Added option for AP mode routers to retrieve IP and name information for AP clients (Tools > Other Settings)
    Both the parent router and AP mode router must be running fork release 50E8 or later
  • URL Filter now also blocks via DNS lookup

Full ChangeLog: Changelog.txt in the download directory

Folder 'Public-Release/Update-50E8'

Overview / Supported Routers / Installation:
LTS_OVERVIEW.pdf in the download directory

Previous release threads:

(Default Build - All supported routers)
1b257c0dd451db0f673b47ae8970341a5d1f2bd40799662d593493b43b557564 RT-N16_374.43_50E8j9527.trx
a6530633259b887d8c8736a1196f3c10dc37ee7ae21cc6d38b18fb0e71cc4f06 RT-AC66U_374.43_50E8j9527.trx
650bb2aa651ce412fc3ca36030bbfd2cf7ae58bf4842693764231166d7243da8 RT-N66U_374.43_50E8j9527.trx
931e4b27ee7625f934755861dc95162a6c3efe1cbcb149905062a6ca8a7f18cc RT-AC68U_374.43_50E8j9527.trx
d0df7a56dad2d8df619ae49325a864ab715c7ec16ed7962f8dc43d3e62145877 RT-AC56U_374.43_50E8j9527.trx


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It works! Updated from 50D6. Thanks.


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Can someone let me know if I setup my DNS settings correctly? At the top where it says 'Connect to DNS servers automatically', should this be set to Yes or No? If No, then do I need to fill in the CloudFlare server address for DNS Server1 and DNS Server2? Near the bottom where it says 'DNSSEC Validation Method', which should I use (GetDNS, Dnsmasq or Server Only)?


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At the top where it says 'Connect to DNS servers automatically', should this be set to Yes or No?
I actually remember struggling with this from a user interface point of view. Once you enable DoT, the base WAN DNS server settings are no longer used, so can be set to anything. But the screen jump was 'jarring' if I tried to hide them when selecting DoT. I'll give it a little more thought if there's a better way to handle it.

Near the bottom where it says 'DNSSEC Validation Method', which should I use (GetDNS, Dnsmasq or Server Only)?
Server only is primarily for Cloudflare where they seem to be a bit more 'tolerant' of misconfigured DNSSEC sites. I prefer to do the validation locally, so personally I use GetDNS.


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Thanks John! That's exactly what I needed to know. By the way, 50E8 is running smoothly on my AC68U.


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I have one doubt, does it work in RT AC53 ? thanks a lot.


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"Updated wireless drives for FRAGATTACK on AC68U¨
Does that mean the AC68U is the only model which has FRAGATTACK fixed? Will more models be fixed in another release?


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Probably not. The FRAGATTACK fix needs updated wireless drivers from ASUS, and I believe the remaining routers supported by the fork are all considered EOL by ASUS.
Thanks for the explanation!

I tried updating my N66U to 50E8 LTS release, but I'm getting this error:
"Firmware upgrade unsuccessfully. It may result from incorrect image or error transmission. Please check the version of firmware and try again."
I checked the SHA256 and also confirmed it is the N66U version and not accidentally another one. Trying it over ethernet instead of WiFi gives the same error.
I'm still on 48E7, so I thought maybe I should upgrade to 49E4 first and then 50E8, but when I try to upgrade to 49E4 it's also that error.


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A reboot fixed the error, thank you!
(That I hadn´t thought of that myself o_O)


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Hi Team, I tried updating my N16 to 50E8 LTS release, but I'm getting this error. How can i fix this ? TIA.



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Tks. I have tried by Restoration tool and Tftp both method, it showed ""TRANSFER TIME OUT"" I have followed the installation notes. Ping works properly. Any clues ? Regards.


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