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if that worked out, the internet connection is there for you but it gets really really slow or you lose packets.
I am not 100% this is a pure software issue.

Things you should try is:
1. different modem
2. check there is no noise when the outage happens
3. check previous firmware 384 or the 386 image that I built with old DSL
4. internet may get slow because for some reasons routing tables are messed up (you can test this be running route -n when it works and there is an outage)

BtW I believe you could get much better and wider support from this forum if you create a thread about this issue, since it gets offtopic now (not related to my firmware).

1. I do not have a spare modem to try, and buying a new modem/router is not my priority right now.
2. Where do I check the noise? Is it on the System Log, DSL Log page? Currently, operating normally, as a reference, I have these values:

VDSL Band Status
Line Attenuation (dB)2.511.221.829.735.846.7---
Signal Attenuation (dB)-11.520.930.037.147.0---
SNR Margin (dB)19.114.8-14.818.914.719.114.4

3. Yes, that is my plan. I will wait for Asus support to respond to my feedback, if they will. Then I will check your 386 image built with old DSL image.
4. Sorry but I do not have the knowledge of route -n! Please clarify what commands I need to run and where? Windows? SSH shell?

I understand the subject becoming off topic and consider opening a new thread. Thank you for your support.


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This morning, while I was using my laptop normally, I encountered this outage event again. Here are some screenshots during the outage:

DSL Log page shows:

VDSL Band Status
Line Attenuation (dB)2.511.221.829.735.846.7---
Signal Attenuation (dB)-11.521.
SNR Margin (dB)19.014.8-14.718.915.019.014.6-


route -n command from SSH:

[Image deleted]

I issue some of your commands from SSH:

[Image deleted]

After this, I get:

[Image deleted]

Click on Administration, DSL Settings, APPLY: This action normally fixes my outage issue but after manually issuing ifconfig ppp0 down then ifconfig ppp0 up commands from ssh, disconnection persisted. Internet status still shows disconnected. I have a total internet disconnection. Only rebooting solves this.

Route -n when system is working normally:

Does any one of these help to identify the problem?

EDIT: I tested ifconfig ppp0 down and up again, while the system was operational. My router stays disconnected after that. The only way it reconnects is to issue service restart_wan command after that. So, this command will restart the system correctly to operational status (note: on a working modem/router. I will test it when outage occurs again.)

ifconfig ppp0 down; sleep 5s; ifconfig ppp0 up; sleep 5s; service restart_wan

I may be creating a cron job to repeat this at periodic intervals as a last resort. But, it is better to observe the outage and try to find the root cause with experts.
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After experiencing another "outage" event this morning, I issued "ifconfig ppp0 down; sleep 5s; ifconfig ppp0 up; sleep 5s; service restart_wan", unfortunately, it did not correct the disconnection problem. It looks like, this event happening every day.
I will wait a couple more days, in case Asus tech support replies, then switch to special gnuton build.


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@my_bey please let's continue this discussion in another thread because here it's off-topic and it's not bound the my firmware.

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