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Unbound Forwarding specific domains in Unbound

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Hi all.

One of my providers uses local resources *.provider.name to be used for forums, iptv, file share etc: there are www.provider.name, iptv.provider.name, forum.provider.name etc

It is not possible to resolve such domains as they are not global. Yes, I can use DNS Director to forward queries to DNS of this provider but the whole idea of using Unbound would be lost in such scenario.

The best solution would be adding some script - I don't know - to forward all DNS queries *.provider.name to DNS of provider leaving all others for Unbound. The minimal solution would be adding a hardcoded correspondence table for all www.provider.name, iptv.provider.name, forum.provider.name etc somewhere in Unbound configuration so it will take Ip from such table.

Can anybody help how to do it? Editing hosts.add file looks too tricky but I cannot see any other way to solve the problem.
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You can create a forward-zone for provider.name. to your ISP DNS servers. How to do that in unbound-manager might need more research.

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