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Freebox Player et ASUS AC86U ?

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Good morning,

My new FAI(Free) offers a playertv in addition to its modem/router.
To use my ASUS router, I had to switch my ISP's equipment to Bridge mode, but no longer any playerTV.
Fortunately it is possible thanks to the settings of the ASUS router to override it, but by going to the LAN > IPTV section and selecting my provider, nothing happens; my reader tries to connect but never succeeds.


To check the connection, I plugged in an appletv instead and I have an internet connection, but above all I am not in my network. My network is of the type: 192.168.*.* and there it starts with 169.*.*.*

I also tried to switch the IPTV to manual mode and set the VLAN to 100 but the result is the same.
Any idea please?

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