Frustrated with Asus XT8 IPv6, should I just turn it off?


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I think I made a huge mistake buying the Asus XT8 kit. I got it to work with my Adguard Home DNS server by turning off DHCP and using Adguard instead. At least, until I switched on IPv6. Then, Asus’ crappy software reared it’s ugly head. It pushes itself as a DNS proxy, using WAN DNS as a backup no matter what you do (and setting my local DNS server as the WAN DNS causes the router to always report as being disconnected).

It’s too late to return them. So, should I just turn off IPv6 and live without it? Or is this going to be a perpetual problem if I stick with Asus? Could I fix the issue by putting a wired router between the Asus and my cable modem? I have an older AC68U laying around that I could put custom firmware on. Or, at this point, I might be willing to buy a pro-sumer device for a few hundred if that would work better.

I’m assuming that Merlin isn’t going to happen for the XT8s. So, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Is this related to your pihole thread? Did you try the two suggestions there?


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Very much so. Sorry I didn’t reply to the other thread (I’ll go do that). My frustration has reached some pretty epic limits (especially with trying to reach ASUS support), and I’ve tried both of the suggestions mentioned without success. I’m actually pretty techy and have started poking around the internals of the router’s OS. I can see what’s going on there, with the router forcing itself as a DNS proxy for all IPv6 clients. I try forcing the WAN DNS to my local DNS, but then the router perpetually reports being disconnected, and internally can’t perform its own DNS lookups.

I’ve really trusted ASUS in the past, but I’m realizing more and more that may have been because of Merlin, as opposed to Asus’ own efforts.

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