FS: Asus Routers - 2x RT-AX86U, RT-AC68u, and 3x TM-AC1900 (converted to AC68u)

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As stated above, I have the following:

2x RT-AX86u - MINT condition in original box, both used for only a month before AT&T Fiber became available in my area and swapped to using their router & extenders.
- $225 each plus shipping of your choice

1x RT-AC68u
- Used at home prior to upgrading to the above AX86u and absolutely rock solid for years.
3x TM-AC1900 - the famous T-Mobile OEM version of the AC68u. All 3 have been converted to use Asus' firmware and are AC68u now in everything but the exterior cosmetics. Used lightly as APs for a church network I used to manage for a year or so.
- $50 plus shipping, or take all 4 for $180 shipped

Flawless ebay rating here & similar Heatware here
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OMG - in UK and want a new RT-AX86U and currently on Amazon it's £270 (~$368). :(
Yep, I couldn't believe when I went back to look at prices. Was actually tempted to hold onto them just in case I have trouble with the AT&T setup given how expensive these things are now, but I need to fight my instinct to hoard items and make some room around here. :) Just looking to recoup my own costs on these.


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There is no way shipping the RT-AX86U box will cost less than $80 per box...
I've seen international shipping also be reasonable, so it's worth a look. And even at $80 shipping, it's still $70 better than the UK price.

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