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Ftth wifi router advice

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New Around Here
Good morning everyone, i need some help choosing a new router for my home setup.
First thing bear with me for my english, I'm not a native speaker.
Anyway in the next months I'm getting finally a ftth connection (1gbit/300mbit profile) and i would like to change my actual router.
My current setup is a fwa 100mbit connection using a fritzbox 7530 (operator given but on standard firmware) and 1gbit 8port switch, all rooms in the house are connected via cat5e cables and I use wifi just for domotics and mobiles.
I must say i don't really like the avm firmware and way of doing things (also the wifi coverage isn't that great), and having used a dsl-ac68u i miss a bit the asus firmware and stability.

So looking at the amazon availability in my country (italy) and my price range (150euro~) i have found those models:
asus ac86u, ax58u, ax68u (a bit over 150e), and without merlin support ax82u, ax92u.
Netgear ax4
Tplink ax73 (setup some omada eap at work last year and i must say i was impressed for the price, they were really nice, nice built hw and nice sw)

The house is around 160 sqm, on 2 floors, router is central and wall are reinforced drywall. I have only few wifi6 devices (2mobiles and a ps5), and like 10 domotics wifi 2,4ghz devices (zigbee and thermostats). Wifi6 is not mandatory but preferable since I don't plan to change again router for a while.

I'm actually leaning toward asus, but i hate the fact that most of them are not wall mountable, other than that i saw that merlin is not supported on all models (example the ax92u that is wall mountable and would be great, don't support merlin), so would you consider an asus router even without merlin?even if getting a merlin supported would mean getting an older device?

For the netgear and the tplink i red some review but seemed to me they were inferior to anything asus made, can you confirm my impressions?

Maybe i missed some great alternatives too,so I'm totally open to any suggestion.
Thanks for reading through here.

Ps: i attached a picture of current lan build, airflow is not a big problem, everything is wall mounted.


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Welcome to the forums @Draliko.

The current order of routers I can recommend.

The reasons why the RT-AX68U is rated so much better than the older RT-AC86U.

Report - 2x RT-AX68U upgrade over 2x RT-AC86U in wireless backhaul mode

There are really no other options other than the 4 models Asus offers (and RMerlin support, of course).

The RT-AX86S may also be an option for you, depending on the price. but I haven't used that model myself (yet).


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