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FYI D-Link DIR-655 $67.99 @ Best Buy

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In store only, price not listed on webpage.

Seems to be across the country. Majority of the stores, not all.
What hardware model is it?
I've stopped by BB 3 times over the last days and its been $99 every time. I asked them to look int the computer and they have nothing that indicates $68 for the 655.

Could it be a local market promo?
Unfortunately it's not in ever store as I pointed out in the first thread. I found the deal on Fatwallet.com, it definitely all over the country.

My local store was out of them. I had them scan other stores inventories, and the found 4 at the next closest store. That store had them full priced, so I had them transfer it to my store. They would not price match. Seem silly but whatever, I got it in for &67.95 in the end.

It's might be a dead deal by now, not sure.


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