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Game console "host" filtering and Qos (Currently on Asuswrt-Merlin)

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Hey guys, I haven't used this forum in ages, So hopefully im posting in the right area. Anyways, So I had a question on a few things. When settings up Qos on the Merlin firmware im looking to optimize it for gaming the best I can, I was using a Netduma router that I got a while ago, but the hardware is lacking and the firmware is good, but it often seems buggy. I noticed a bit about the WAN overhead and tried to research that, but all I found was to put (0) as that number. Anyways, just looking to smash out bufferbloat entirely. Are there any other firmwares that can successfully do that (maybe even better?). Also is there a way to implement a "host filtering" idea for gaming? Where the console does not accept pings above a certain range. If i could accomplish these two things that would be GREAT. Seriously though, if I had a way to port the Netdumas firmware to my Asus I would, but even though its based off Openwrt the file is a .sig, so chances are that will never happen, that and there may be legal ramifications? Anyways, best Qos and "host filter" ideas?
Thanks far in advance!
Hands down: if you are running the latest RMerlin firmware 384.9 you need the FreshJR QOS script.


Hmm, I did see that but did not think it would be required. It does work relatively well, but it still spikes using fq_codel, The only firmware that I have ever used before that worked almost flawlessly was the Netduma OS. But you cant even install that on anything aside from what they allow because its locked behind a .sig file. Or, maybe I just never investigated that far. But they also have another thing that works great which allows your console to only connect to a host up to a certain ping threshold. I know its been done before from something ive seen long ago, i just dont know how you would do it.
This is an excerpt from the link I gave above.

Same as above but different is container rates (128 kbps each =  0.128 mbps)

Web Surfing     container 1      0.128 mbps rate / 100 mbps ciel     5 mbps needed
Downloads       container 2      0.128 mbps rate / 100 mbps ciel     1000 mbps supplied by server.
Streaming       container 3      0.128 mbps rate / 100 mbps ciel     30 mbps video stream
VOIP            container 4      0.128 mbps rate / 100 mbps ciel     2 mbps voice
Gaming          container 5      0.128 mbps rate / 100 mbps ciel     1 mbps gaming

What would happen is as follows:

Web Surfing   5 mbps used
Downloads     94.6 mbps used
Streaming     0.128 mbps used <- DEAD
VOIP          0.128 mbps used <- DEAD
Gaming        0.128 mbps used <- DEAD

Terrible setup in my opinion.
I would never want traffic in any category to completely stall.
There are no user options to correct this.

This is the reason you need this script. :)

The defaults are simply wrong as provided by Asus.
I just switched to DDWRT. Now im getting A+ all accross with the latest release! :) now my only other issue i need to resolve is connecting to certain hosts within xbox live. If i can make THAT happen. I will be gold!


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You never mentioned what model of router you have or which firmware version you were running.
You never mentioned what model of router you have or which firmware version you were running.
AH sorry about that. It was an RT-AC56U running the latest Merlin firmware for it. I forget what version number 384 if i remember correctly.
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