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Vincent Clement

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Has anyone had any success with the various settings under General > Game on the RT-AC3100 (FW: or another router with this setting?

Gear Accelerator - Game Device Prioritizing seems to be hit and miss. Either turning it on and/ or clicking on Add seems to work and turns on Adaptive QOS, but doing anything (like clicking on Apply after adding a client) takes forever- and it consistently shows the wrong icon for devices. Every now and then, the pull down Client Name list will be empty. Clicking the ON slider will perform a full reboot the router - no warning or info is provided to that affect.

Open Nat - I've only ever been able to create one Port Forwarding rule for one game for one client one time. I can't any or add any other rules. Apparently you can only add rules for clients that are online. All my devices are assigned a static IP address by the DHCP Server but you can't select an offline client to add a rule.

I haven't tried using WTFast GPN as the previous iteration of this option kept signing itself out.

As far as I can tell, the whole Game settings is a farce - at least for me. I suppose I can do a factory reset and start from scratch - but that's a no go with only one router and my wife and I both working from home. Maybe when I get a second router I'll play around, but until then I won't be using those settings. Just seems that ASUS can do a better job describing the various options they have added and changed over the past few months to these routers.


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Fancy names of common settings. Game Device Prioritizing is Traditional QoS. Turns your router into up to 200-250Mbps WAN-(W)LAN router, no more up to Gigabit. Open NAT is Port Forwarding with some games presets. WTFast is WTF as per what gamers say. You have a Gaming Router though. Not just an ordinary router. ;)
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