Getting dial up speeds on fibre - Intel AX210 and Asus AC68U


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Greetings all,

I never thought I would take this issue to the forums but this has been driving me totally crazy for the past two days, so any help would be more than appreciated! As the title states, I have a very strange connection problem on my setup:

- An old ASUS DSL-AC68U running on Ethernet WAN mode and connected to my new ONT router (ISP supplied Huawei HG8245 series)
- A new desktop PC with Intel AX210 wireless adapter

I simply wanted to save some money and use my old DSL router instead of buying a new wireless router with similar features. So far it should have worked like a breeze, but of course it did not... At first I thought it was the old ASUS router acting up so I reset it, hard-reset it, firmware-rescued it and nothing would change. Then I stopped blaming the router and checked the connection on my mobile devices. I can tell they are working just fine and it is just Intel AX210 failing.

If I directly connect Intel AX210 to the ONT's wireless network (both 2.4ghz and 5ghz), everything is ok, but when I try this connection on ASUS DSL-AC68U (again both bands), most of the websites simply stall and I get around 60kbps to 250kbps on I keep refreshing the test and after many tries I can get the real 100+ mbps speed, then it fails again on the next test. Ookla speedtest works ok most of the time, but at times I get below 1mbps there out of no reason. Basically the connection is a complete mess. The mobile devices on my network are completely stable on these tests using ASUS' wireless connection so it is just my PC.

This does not even seem to be a wireless issue because my PC is so very near to the ASUS router and the wireless connection seems just fine. I am totally out of ideas now and I hope someone is not. Does this make any sense to anyone?

Have a good day too!

PS: I forgot to mention that the upload speed is just fine, it is just the download speed.


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Yes, that was the second thing I did and I upgraded the Intel drivers in case. Unfortunately the problem still persists. Why would a refresh on page occasionally fix the problem though? Also local websites / speed tests work much better compared to distant locations. Can this be due to NAT? Because 0.5 mbps downstream versus 10+ mbps upstream on these problematic sites just do not make any sense. It is like these sites are having trouble communicating with my device.


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I don't know if you want both your Huawei HG8245 and your Asus DSL-AC68U to both be setup as gateways for your home network. If possible, I would use either IP Passthrough or place your HG8245 in bridge mode. In bridge mode, the HG8245 is acting as a modem and will just pass through a public IP to your DSL-AC68U, all other functions will be disabled.

IP Passthrough is a little more flexible as it allows your HG8245 to operate as normal, except one of the switch ports will be used to pass a second public IP to your DSL-AC68U, while the HG8245 will continue to use it's own public IP. Most ISP's provide a public IP using a mask that offers more than one IP, but of course most customers typically use just one.

This may not fix the intermittent connectivity issue you are expericing but it might help. Usually both options are in the WAN or Admin section.

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