Gigabit Internet and RT-AC88U Parental Control's performance impact

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New Around Here
Hello Folks,

I figured it's best I post this as a separate topic rather than mixing this up with my earlier post.

So basically I have a new ASUS RT-AC88U wifi router. I have gigabit internet at home from my ISP. And for parental controls/time scheduling in it to work correctly, I need to disable NAT acceleration on it. Only problem is, when NAT acceleration is disabled, that kind of caps the internet speeds to something like 300-350Mbps (even for wired clients connected to the router) while I am paying the ISP for a gigabit internet. So while I need NAT acceleration enabled to get it's maximum possible throughput, I also need the parental controls to work properly/accurately.

I do understand the technical aspects of why this is so. But my question is this:
For those you having gigabit internet at home and successfully using parental controls/time scheduling on it, what model ASUS wifi router do you use which gives you the the ability to go up to (or close to) 1 Gig speeds?


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