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Gigabit WAN with HW disabled?

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About how fast is the AC66U-B1 or AC86U? with HW acc Disabled? WAN throughput wise? I couldn't find much other than with it most likely turned on from the reveiws etc.

Soon will be getting gigabit hopefully within the year with the cable co finally upgrades everything.

Reason for disabling HW acc is I want BW monitoring / Data usage to report correctly along with IP bw usage which the latter is not as important.

But if HW acc is enabled the reported bw usage for both upload and download are randomly the same unless I turn it off.

I currently have the 66U_b1 and thinking about picking up a AC86U

Thanks again!
I measured the speed a while ago on my 68U and 3100. The 66U_B1 will perform similarly to the 68U. The 86U should be a litter faster than the 3100 I would think. I can't find an option in the GUI to turn off NAT acceleration on my 86U. If someone can provide the command to enter into my SSH client to turn off NAT acceleration I can get you numbers on my 86U.


On a side note, I found that the bandwidth usage via "Traffic Monitor" to be fairly accurate on my 68U with CTF enabled. When I would enable FA in addition to CTF the usage would report much lower than actual. I did some rough testing with my 86U and if I remember correctly both Flow Cache only and Runner + Flow Cache Enabled reported similar values.
NAT acceleration was replaced by Packet Runner & Flow Cache on the RT-AC86U.

CTF does not exist on the HND platform. The RT-AC86U and RT-AX88U use Flow Cache and Packet Runner, older routers used CTF and Flow Accelerator.

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