Glass and Wifi Networks

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I was under the impression that glass was generally transparent for wifi. I have a home under construction, where I had taped a Ruckus R510 AP to a new window, and clients on the other side of the window could no longer connect. I had previously used the same approach to mounting with the old windows, but had no issue; both are double pane glass.

As I was planning to use the transparency of glass as part of my approach for outdoors WiFi access, I am now questioning if that will be a sound approach.

Does anyone know if certain glass does not allow WiFi to transmit through it? The new glass is LoE 272, and the old glass was likely one of the LoE series.


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Please don't tell the wife, she'll want to surround the bedroom with this glass to protect her from being cooked by all our wifi in the night.

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