Google DDNS IPv4 and IPv6?


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I have a domain that uses G Suite.
I'd like to take advantage of their domain pricing and free DDNS along with some additional ease of use features by using Google DNS.
I use IPv6 DNS records in my domain and currently have to update them manually. Luckily, the IPv6 doesn't change often.

So, using the 386.1 branch of Merlin's firmware, how can I get Google DDNS updated?
If only able to do IPv4, I can still do my manual updating.

Alternatively, I can continue to use no-ip and run a script on my public access server to update the AAAA records for itself. Which my be the best method as the server's IPv6 is the one that counts. Of course, I'd still need to go to the IPv6 firewall and change the entries when the IPv6 changes.
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I'll have to get an IPv6 script for my server together.

Amazing what's in the GUI if you just click...

Sheepishly, thanks.

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