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Google’s OnHub Routers Get IFTTT Support

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Julio Urquidi

News Editor
Google announced that its OnHub smart home routers will now support IFTTT recipe-driven commands to help automate devices at home.


One of the promises made by Google is that company would provide regular updates to its OnHub home router, adding new features and security fixes to the wireless smart home router.

Touted by Google as a router first, the latest OnHub update now adds IFTTT (short for “If This Then That) support, giving customers the ability to build out recipes triggered by actions that connected smart home devices and OnHub detect. For example, motion detected by a camera could generate an email notification orchestrated by OnHub, or if Wi-Fi devices are present in a room, then IFTTT recipes setup up on the router could light up that room’s smart LED bulbs.

Through partnerships with Asus and TP-Link, Google has released two different versions of the OnHub router.

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