Got VLAN taggin working on my AP's guest SSID - do I need a managed switch?

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After some effort, I got VLAN tagging working on one of my ASUS AP's running asuswrt-Merlin "working".
My setup is:
  • an EdgeRouter 4
  • an Netgear GS308 unmanaged switch.
  • RT-AC66U_B1 + RT-AC3200, both ASUS products running in AP mode with the latest non-beta Asuswrt-Merlin).

I'm using "working" in quotes, as it was not without hiccups. I was intermittently having these problems:
  • Failing to get an IP
  • Failing to connect to the internet.

When it was working properly, I was able to do observe the following:
  • Any clients connected to the guest network would get an IP based on the VLAN tag from my router.
  • Any clients connected to the guest network could access the internet.
  • My router firewall rules were functioning as expected with regards to blocking traffic from the guest network - when I added a rule to block access to LAN clients, and guest clients could no longer ping the LAN clients.

I'm guessing from the successes above, that my setup isn't completely broken - I didn't leave out some critical part like DNS or DHCP for the VLAN interface. Could using an unmanaged switch be the source of the intermittent problems? Have others hit the same issues?


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To answer my own question: Yes I needed a managed switch (TP Link TL-SG108PE). Once I bumbled my way through the VLAN setup, and got the tagging right, everything works again all the time.

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