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Greenhorn - hard wire Airport Express to Asus RP-N12?

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New Around Here

I recently moved my main router an Asus RT A66U to my office above my garage from inside my house, about 100', and am now extending/repeating my WIFI back to the house with an Asus PR-N12 for wireless. All good and working fine.

I run iTunes over my home stereo with an Airport Express, [which is awesome as it allows control with the Apple Remote app on my iPhone/iPad], and now the connection is intermittent - just too far. I have ordered better antennas in the interim. I have the capability to connect the Airport Express with hard wire and believe this would completely solve connection issues. I am guessing I need to reconfigure the Airport Express to the Asus RP-N12 SSID netwrok address, but am not sure how to proceed, set this up, and or maintain the connection. The Airport Express was previously set up to my network and Windows computer, [HP ENVY 17 / Win 8.1 Pro], when I was in the house.

Some SIMPLETON language advice instruction would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
You should be able to reconfigure the Airport Express using the AirPort Utility app for the iPhone/iPad, by setting the Network / Wifi Mode to Off. This will than configure the Airport Express to get an IP address over the Ethernet connection.

Once connected the Airport Express and logged in: click on Edit, then Network, than Wifi Mode: Off.
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