Greetings from backstage


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Lots of well-wishers for you here, RMerlin. Count me in the group of people that wishes you the best.

Thanks for everything, and hope you get through this one with dispatch *smile*!


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I hope it's nothing serious. Take your time, we already have the best of you.


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Ditto. Thoughts are with you. Hope all goes well and that your health issues are resolved soon.


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Dear Merlin

Just a user of your firmware here, it was my first step away from dd-wrt after many years and I consider it a great step up.

First and foremost I wish you all the best with your health. Whatever your ailment is, I hope that you're able to put it to rest as quickly and completely as possible. Having to focus on your health instead of your passions is an unfortunate state to be in.

Also, no matter what anyone writes or demands - please always keep in mind the community knows you've given freely of yourself and done phenomenal things with these routers and you don't owe anyone another second of technical support or future development time. You have to remember this because the people who write it down will always be drowned out by thoughtless people complaining about a new release or bug or feature.

Not only have you improved upon a commercial product (with far more people working on it than just one) you inspired a company (who in my personal opinion after many years in IT) had a history of cranking out products "complete" and leaving them to die - to see them now start to go back and develop, bugfix and add features. Way to go!

I strongly hope that you're able to return and keep cranking out the wonderful additions to these products. But even if you're unable but also don't want to just let it go, I do hope you consider options like cultivating a group of trusted developers to do the heavy lifting for the project under your direction to keep things going. I hope these thoughts bring you a bit of hope for the future.


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Has the Donate button gone from Merlin's site? I wanted to do something tangible as well as sending good wishes. I've just tried with 6 different iPad browsers and my iPhone. I used this method only a couple of weeks ago, so I'm not at all sure why it's not working. Any suggestions?

EDIT. sorted: found the site using Google rather than the Donation thread
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Hey guys,

I just wanted to say that I'm still around. I just lack the energy and the motivation to devote to this at this time, as I've been dealing with health problems for the past month. Ran some tests during the Holidays, and I have to meet a specialist next week to discuss the results.

Until things get better, I won't be really active on the forum or development front. I've spent some time merging newer code over the past few days as I was feeling a bit better for a couple of nights and the merge was fairly straightforward, but don't expect any technical support or active debugging on my part until things improve.

To those who sent me technical questions over Email and who are reading this, sorry if I didn't answer. Thankfully, the project has a very active and knowledgeable community to take care of end-user support for the time being.

Take care folks,

Best wishes to you and thank you for all you do to make our routers many, many steps above the rest. Looks like it is time for your follower's, fans & fellow geeks to give a little back to you with well wishes from around the world. It's times like these when one certainly reflects on whats really important. Get well soon...


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Get well soon
we hope you can once again experience all the fun and
delight that life has to offer


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Best wishes on a speedy recovery from whatever ails you RMerlin. Health comes first...


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Merlin, signed up an account especially to pass on my best wishes. Thank you for all your hard work over the years. I hope what ever is wrong will be corrected soon and you will be back with us soon, fit and well. All the best.

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