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gt-ac5300 acting weird..

joe golladay

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I recently had to login to my router because we had lost power and normally after doing that I have to go in and disable port forwarding for my internet to start working and after that I can re enable it and everything is fine.. just wont start back up on its own.. (any suggestions on why appreciated).. anyways after checking if there is a firmware upgrade it tells me there is.. I click on the upgrade button.. nothing happens.. I even went up and downloaded the latest firmware and tried to do a manual upgrade thinking its corrupted somehow.. again. nothing happens. I click on upload.. it asks me where it is .. I click on it and that's it.. any ideas? thanks.. joe.


Senior Member
Something is really wrong in your config. I don't remember any firmware that bad to have to disable/enable port forwarding.
I would factory reset and manually rebuild the config.
Very likely that will fix the upgrade issue too.

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