GT-AC5300 Firmware version

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Wersja 2020/08/0359.49 MBytes

ASUS GT-AC5300 Firmware version
Fixed item:
- Fixed 5GHz connection speed issues.

Who was testing?
Is the reading speed from USB 3.0 drives still 16MB / S or improved and is it 80MB / S


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You're reading this wrong. 81974 had a problem to negotiate 20 or 40MHz channels instead on 80. For no radio reasons, it was a bug.
It has nothing to do with USB reading/writing speed.


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Since the last firmware update I can’t get more than 50 Mbps upload on 1 gig fiber? My download was unaffected. Have the same issue on my rt-ac5300 with latest update (backup router) but an older rt-ac3200 had no issues with latest firmware. It’s odd that it is both the 5300’s... any thoughts or suggestions?


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I do not use drop box. Everything was working fine on the GT-AC5300 untill the last update, I noticed a bad lag on uploads, saw I was getting 10-50Mps on upload, normal on download. So I pulled out my RT-AC5300 which was a mesh router so I updated firmware back. and was getting the same thing, checked with ISP, hooked directly to Fiber Modem Im getting 1 Gig both ways. So I hooked up my old AC3200 and that is getting close to a gig both ways also. Trying to figure out if its a AC5300 thing.... or some new setting that doesnt play nice with my fiber modem for the 5300's?


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Hi. After turning on WTFast, do you have one processor core getting 100% of the load continuously? With WTFast turned off, the cores are evenly loaded from 0% to 3%


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