GT-AC5300 Gigabit internet limted to 200 Mbps

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I just upgraded from 200 Mbps to 1000 Mbps internet but I'm stuck at 200Mbps while using GT-AC5300
If I connect my computer directly to modem I'm getting full speed(well, around 900Mbps) but when I connect to GT-AC5300 I'm getting exactly 200Mbps.

All LAN connections are 1Gbps(Modem to router and router to PC).
Resetting router to Factory default didn't help, still 200Mbps

Is there some settings I need to change? Or what can be the issue?

Using latest FW


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Given you use the same PC and same network port of that PC to connect to either the router or the modem:
I suspect the cable between the PC and the router.
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And if it's not the cable, try a cheap and cheerful switch between the modem and the router. :)

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